«Taste Workshops» de jamón ibérico en Turín

Turín acojerá entre el 26 y el 30 de octubre el «Salone Internazionale del Gusto«, organizado por el movimiento Slow Food, y que este año presenta varias sesiones sobre el jamón ibérico.

Jueves 26 (15:00h): In search of Jamón Real Ibérico
Jamón ibérico, a ham from the Iberica breed, is an outstanding product, the fruit of at least three years of work. First the pigs are raised in the wild, in the dehesa, sparse woods of oaks and cork trees. Then comes the montanera, the phase in which the pigs are fattened on bellotas, or acorns. Finally, the ham is processed naturally and aged in secaderos, cellars. The producers will tell you all about the ham from A to Z. You will sample, two different types, ‘bellota’ and ‘recebo’, each bearing the Real Ibérico (Consortium for the Promotion of Jamón Ibérico) quality seal, served with two typical Spanish wines: Manzanilla and Cava.

Viernes 27 (21:00h): Jamón Real Ibérico: the quality is in the meat
Just as a great cheese comes from top quality raw milk, a great prosciutto starts with first-rate meat. In this workshop you will discover just how good the famed jamón ibérico really is. A sampling of jamón ibérico de bellota – with the Real Ibérico quality seal (Consortium for the Protection of Jamón Ibérico). And to follow, pork from the Iberic pig, grilled over vegetable carbon from the dehesa (habitat of the Iberic pig). Served with red and other wines from the Ascheri winery in Bra (Cuneo).

Fuente: Slow Food

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